Flower by Paul Celan

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Flower by Paul Celan

 The stone

The stone in the air, which I followed.
Your eye, as blind as the stone.

We were
we baled the darkness empty, we found
the word that ascended summer:

Flower - a blind man's word.
Your eye and mine:
they see
to water.

Heart wall upon heart wall
adds petals to it.

One more word like this word, and the hammers
will swing over open ground.


I hear

I hear, the Axe has flowered,
I hear, the Place is un-nameable,

I hear, the Bread, that looks on him,
heals the Hanged-Man,
the Bread, his Wife baked for him,

I hear, they name Life
our sole Refuge.


With the voice

With the voice of the Field-mouse
You squeak up,

a sharp
you bite through my Shirt into the Skin,

a Cloth,
you slither over my Mouth,
in the midst of my,
to you, Shadow, burdensome,

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